What We Do


We had a party last night for about 20 including all of the participants in our upcoming Octobertrip to Burgundy with you and Ellie. We enjoyed quite a few bottles of your wine and it helped make our party a success. We are enjoying drinking Burgundy every day, and appreciate your guidance.

Elden Selections is much more than just a place to buy Burgundy wine.

You can buy Burgundy anywhere.

w1But it’s nearly always that same Burgundy. Wines that have been rated and created by the industry and priced accordingly. And what’s worse, despite those prices, a lot of these wines will break your heart with mediocrity. Burgundy is a minefield, and many a wine lover has been scared away.Elden Selections is different. We specialize in small-production estate-bottled Burgundy wines, many that are not otherwise available in the US. We live in Burgundy. Have done for 30 years. We know these winemakers and their families. First and foremost they are farmers, and they know that there is no good wine without good grapes.

Living here means we can follow these winemakers year round. We see the harsh winter work in the vines, the frantic anxiety as spring explodes. Their summer is our summer. And when the harvest comes, it’s like any farming community. Word travels fast. So we know.

Elden Selections are wines from producers that we have known for years, wines that were cherry-picked first for our own cellar, wines that we have followed from bud burst to the bottle.

w2We are here to bring you closer to the real Burgundy, to give you an insider’s take on the wine and the region. We want you to meet the winemakers. We want you to know what is going on in the vines and what that means for the wine. We want you to taste as the locals taste, to think like a Burgundian… which ultimately lets you think for yourself.

Elden Selections takes you inside Burgundy. We are your feet on the ground, your finger in the pie, your tasting room in Burgundy, working closely with the winemakers themselves to bring you the best wine in every vintage.