Elden Wine is a great continuing source of high quality, small production Burgundies. Each year there is something for everyone in both red and white, from village wines through to grand crus. This is a wonderful resource for the Burgundy lover.


You are here because you get it. You understand and appreciate Burgundy. So whether you already know what you are looking for, or whether you’re hoping to discover something different and new, we’ve made it easy for you to put your knowledge of Burgundy to good use. We have arranged our cellar into categories that a connoisseur will recognize. You can find great value in the lesser-known appellations, or wines that are ripe and ready for a special occasion, or those big guns and great vintages worthy of time in your cellar. And most importantly, we introduce you to many of the best winemakers working in Burgundy today. Elden Selections brings real Burgundy to your door.